Different types of agriculture sprayers and their uses

Different types of agriculture sprayers and their uses

Ideally, a sprayer is a tool that is mainly used to spray various liquids, including water, insecticides, and pesticides in agriculture. You can also use the same to spray herbicides and liquid fertilizers to crops on your farms. Agriculture sprayers tend to have a spray nozzle, liquid tank, sprayer pump, pressure regulator, valves, and fluid plumbing and some sprayers also tend to have a spray gun.

There are a plethora of small sprayers to a relatively large sprayer, which helps in covering a small part of the land, which is extensive land. There are several types of sprayers that are designed for different spraying applications, including crops, gardening, and to meet different gardening needs. Ideally, the sprayers are available in various sizes, designs, and performance specifications.

The different types of sprayers include:
  • Hand-operated sprayers- If you are looking for small plant treatments, then Hand operated sprayers are your best bets as it is all about applying water or liquid chemicals in a small land area. The sprayer works through an air pump, and it compresses air into the tanks then pressurizes the liquid content.
  • The spray pattern is slow once the pressure in the sprayer decreases. Before continuing to spray, the applicator must pump the air. The best part about this sprayer is that it is cheap, portable, and convenient to use, but at the same time, it works with low pressures.
  • High-pressure sprayers- These sprayers are based on the capacity and size of the tanks and include tractor-mounted, trailer-mounted, and truck-mounted models. The main principle of their working here is hydraulics. They comprise of an air compartment, pressure gauges, and regulators.
  • Air carrier/assisted sprayers- The air carrier/ assisted sprayers are ideal for applying concentrated chemicals through the air. It transports the substances and also dilutes them. Orchard sprayer is one common type of air carrier sprayer which is mainly used for fruits.
  • Foggers- You can use these foggers to spray liquid pesticides in the form of air vapor. These types of sprayers can be used primarily in greenhouses or in an area infested with a crop pest that needs treatment.

Hence these are the different types of sprayers, and you can use them as per your needs.

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