Benefits of Agricultural battery sprayers

Benefits of Agricultural battery sprayers

Many people are not aware of the benefits of battery agriculture sprayers over manual sprayers. So let us explore the different benefits of agricultural battery sprayers.

Save your time

These battery sprayers are useful for saving your time as they can create pressure and release around two to four liters per minute which depends on its motor and nozzle configuration without using any traditional method of manual backpack sprayers.

Light in weight

Before, motorized sprayers were used to be heavy for around 10 to 12 kg, but now agricultural battery sprayers are light in weight and are also known as space-saving tools.

Lower in cost of Labour

Agricultural battery sprayers are very easy to use and have few parts like motors and so on, which are extensively very simple for use. Normally a pump and motor is the only dynamic unit that is useful for creating pressure when you press the trigger. It also saves the cost of Labour. It helps cover a wide area of land compared to conventional sprayers

Control pressure

Battery sprayers involve a regulator or say speed controller which enables farmers or people to regulate the discharging liquid from its nozzle. If any medicine needs to be sprayed, then they can decrease all the pressure as needed.


The initial price of the battery sprayer was higher than the manual backpack sprayer, but they are now saving your money in the longer term. Farmers are now able to save time as well as price by spraying fast. So these are some of the benefits which you get when you buy an agriculture battery sprayer. You can go for online or offline shopping according to your choice and the options available to you. You can make your work easy and convenient when you are buying an agriculture battery sprayer. It not only saves your time, cost but also it is easy to carry as it is light in weight.

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